Tanja Barnes


I ♥︎ San Francisco Street Art


This past weekend on August 2nd and 3rd, 2014, Flickr members around the world organized photo walks to celebrate the best photo community on the planet for a Global Street Art Photo Walk.

The theme for the weekend “street art”. Yep, it was literally right up my alley. It included graffiti, murals, stencils, installations, wheat pastes and more.  If it was art and it was on the street, it was fair game. So in planning for this event, I headed off to the see what the streets of San Francisco had to offer.

Above are my findings and contributions to this worldwide event. It features the works of Sirron Norris, Icy and Sot, Joel Bergner, Alynn and Mags, Precita Eyes and dozens more all from the streets of San Francisco.

Most of the panoramas I took are located in the Mission district.  While I was staying in a different part of the city by the bay, the Mission was where it was at. It seemed I never could leave it, even if I tried, because down every corner, behind every alley there was a treasure to be found. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything so concentrated. And the sad thing is: I didn’t get even a tenth of what I saw so I’ma just gonna have to come back!

Seriously, there was so much going on, it was ridiculous. Now I’m from Los Angeles, but honestly, LA aint got nothin’ on San Francisco. In fact, there’s still images in my camera that I need to add to this tour! In all, I took 40 panos in the space of two days. I’m still editing, curating and uploading these images to this space on Roundme so be sure to check back.