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Experience Mitchell Caverns in 360! #mojave

Hidden in a remote stretch of the Mojave Desert east of Barstow, Mitchell Caverns are the only limestone caves in the California State Park system.

After being closed for nearly seven years due to major infrastructure upgrades, Mitchell Caverns reopened in November 2017. I went this past weekend and it was amazing! There were spectacular and intricate limestone formations including stalagmites, stalactites, helictites, lily pads, draperies, curtains and cave coral.

LPT: Reservations are required so don’t just show up and expect to get a tour. They’re limited to Friday through Sunday, 2x’s each day with only 15 people each. Also, no tripods are permitted to protect these fragile formations so the Ricoh Theta was the perfect solution.

Check out more 360 photos of Mitchell Caverns on Google Maps here.

This weekend Goya’s Stage C will transform into a 360-degree micro-theater inspired by FX Network’s Legion. The theater will feature an artistic video installation and multi-sensory experiences that are meant to put viewers in the mind of the show’s protagonist, David Haller. The visual art will leave visitors questioning what is real and what is not as they are transported to a “mind-bending, reality-shifting world.”

The display was created by Marco Brambilla, a visual artist based in New York and Berlin who is known for his use of new technologies and found images.

“Our aim was to create an experience that would take the viewer through multiple levels of Haller’s altered states of schizophrenic consciousness,” the artist said, according to Awards Daily. “A flood of moments, thoughts, and memories are reflected into fragmented mirrored surfaces, these kaleidoscopic reflections completely surround us and we have the sense of assuming the characters’ psychological POV. I produced ‘Fracture’ with THE MILL, the world-renowned Visual Effects & Design Company with whom I’ve worked with many times before. Working together, we were able to achieve start-of-the-art production values for this immersive experience.”

The free exhibit will open at Goya Studios on March 30, 2018 and remain on view through April 1, 2018.

Goya Studios
1541 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Friday, March 30th – 11AM – 7PM
Saturday, March 31st – 11AM – 7PM
Sunday, April 1st – 10AM – 6PM

FX Legion: http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/legion
Marco Brambilla Studios: https://www.marcobrambilla.com
Goya Studios: https://goyastudios.com

David Choe / Street Art / Denver

Los Angeles street artist David Choe collaborates with Joe To, and DVS1 with this piece located the alley behind the Denver Center of Performing Arts. Choe is most known for his work at Facebook HQ when in 2007 CEO Mark Zuckerberg commissioned him to paint the company’s office murals. Instead of cash payment, Choe received company stock, His shares were valued at approximately $200 million on the eve of Facebook’s 2012 IPO.

The Enchanted Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens

This little planet stereographic projection of the Beijing Ancient Observatory seems apropos. Built in 1442 it is a pretelescopic observatory located in Beijing, China. Experience it in 360 with your VR headset at https://is.gd/GyTKZ3. #beijingancientobservatory #beijing #china #astronomy #VR #VRPhotography #GoogleCardboard #GoogleDaydream #SamsungGear #360photography #360panorama #littleplanet (at Beijing Ancient Observatory)

The Pink House by @TheMostFamousArtist

The Pink House

The Pink House in Los Angeles

The Pink House in #VR #googlecardboard #googledaydream

The Pink House - @TheMostFamousArtist #impermanenceart #socialcivilian #MRadArchitecture #helloSaturn #GoogleCardboard

The Pink House by @TheMostFamous Artist

The Pink House in #VR @TheMostFamousArtist #impermanenceart #socialcivilian #MRadArchitecture #helloSaturn #GoogleCardboard

The Pink House - @TheMostFamousArtist #impermanenceart #socialcivilian #MRadArchitecture #helloSaturn #GoogleCardboard

The Pink House by @TheMostFamous Artist

The Pink House in #VR

The Pink House in #VR @TheMostFamousArtist #impermanenceart #socialcivilian #MRadArchitecture #helloSaturn #GoogleCardboard

Joram Roukes / Portland, Oregon  / #FFTTNW15

“Angels Trumpet Ale House” mural by Lalo Cota and Thomas “Breeze” Marcus

“Dissolving Demarcation” by  Joerael Elliott (with Jesse Perry) - Phoenix, Arizona

"La Medusa" in 360 by El Mac and David Choe - Phoenix, Arizona

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