Tanja Barnes

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IVRPA 2018 - Closing Dinner at the Miraikan

Kazuhiro Kageyama is one of the earliest panoramic photographers from Japan who shot with film back in the day. Held up for the camera is a large panoramic poster for a JR Fukushima advertising campaign from 2001, showing trains from all over the country.

In the late 90s my father went to Japan to work as an art director for Universal Studios Japan located in Osaka. He taped several photos together of the project as it came together into different stages of development with Scotch tape. He said he learned to do it from the Japanese team. Well, if you look down on the table in this picture, Kazuhiro has several panoramas taped together from the 90s with Scotch tape!

Boom! Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant Opening Act in 360 Video

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